Leaving 2018 and heading into 2019

Source https://twitter.com/i/status/1073056702533120000 Welcome to the first Newsletter for 2019. This is an expanded edition because these are the dog days of January when you can’t eat, drink or spend more money! So ignore the kids…Shush the parents…Unsubscribe from Netflix and let’s get reading about investing, financial planning and all things money. HOUSEKEEPING ITEMS A few…

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Winter is coming…

Winter is coming! The underlying cause of the recent market volatility is the fact that interest rates are moving up. Especially in the USA, but also in Canada. A growing economy introduces inflation which can destabilize the economy in the future. So interest rates are the vaccine to a potential future ill.   It is…

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Scary Halloween Signs for Investors!

Scary Halloween Signs for Investors! Hi Internet Viewer, Is everyone having fun still? So much for the “Markets were hitting record highs” byline. That only really applied to the U.S. stock market for everywhere else you looked – Bonds, Canada, Europe, Emerging Markets – you saw pitiful to savage results in 2018. Now we are all…

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Risky Business?

Risky Business? Hi Internet Viewer, Now that Summer is winding down, let’s slow down time a bit by talking about one of the most boring subjects – Risk Management! (This should give us a few extra days of summer, at least in our head….). Source: Ativa Now I tend to be a pretty optimistic guy and…

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Tech Stock Mania!

Tech Stock Mania! Hi, This month I want to talk about the Technology <Tech> stock market. I sincerely hope that my words aren’t the bell of doom, kicking off a financial avalanche of plummeting stock prices for our tech stocks (think Microsoft, Harvest Tech Growth & Income and more) that my clients hold. But I…

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My Son Wanted a $200K USD Maybach Car

My Son Wanted a $200K USD Maybach Car So a few years back my son wanted a Maybach once he grew up (This was when he was probably about 10 or 11 so don’t judge too hard).This is basically an armoured stretch vehicle made by Mercedes. I guess he wanted to show the world he…

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Cool Returns, Hot Graphs

Cool returns, hot graphs! Hi Internet Viewer, I wanted to change things up a bit for this newsletter and provide some direct investment returns to my fellow investors based on my clients’ top holdings.  As you might be aware I track all holdings for clients on a daily basis and will pull that holding if it fails…

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The State of the Market after Spring Vacation

Boy…I go away for 2 weeks and it all falls apart! Seriously, it has been rough out there in the markets and of course there is concern. I have still been watching things while I am away a bit and wanted to share a few observations. In a nutshell many stocks are hitting—downwards—their 200 day…

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Corrections, Crashes and Colds

Wow, is the Stock Market Smoking! Even the Canadian market (red line) has gotten into the act, although bonds are still -1% for the year (blue line) Now if you want to see a really silly chart here is the Canadian bond market versus the Canadian stock market over the last 10 years. It looks…

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