Independent, innovative financial advice.  No sales pressure. 

Providing tailored investment solutions so you can Live Richer.


I keep you protected.

Customers' accounts are protected by the Canadian Investor Protected Fund (CIPF) within specified limits. A brochure describing the nature and limits of coverage is available upon request.

I focus on income strategies.

I feel that income creation is crucial to building a financial cushion, but it also creates a superior investment experience. Capital gains can be unpredictable and cause bad investment choices, but cash-flow creates steady profit and more peace of mind.

I offer competitive fees

I am an independent, Full-Service Advisor who works for you and I operate under a lean investment, independent structure. This means I can truly put my client’s interests first.

I am committed to you.

I communicate proactively when it is relevant. I am knowledgeable, but I understand how important it is to communicate to you if you wish to be educated. I respond quickly and I try to learn who you are and what you want financially. You have my full attention.

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